Narchost is black/thrash metal band from Prague, Czech Republic.
Originally founded by guitarists Enthermontth and Thugg in Hořice in 2010.
After period of personal and musician changes Enthermontth moved to Prague
and Narchost started practicing with new line up
(Abbadon - Vocals/Enthermontth - Guitars/Urscumug - Bass).
In May 2014 first album "Spiritual Plague" is out and Narchost started playing live shows.
At the autumn 2014 Narchost is in studio again and recording "Opening of the Gates"(out May 2015)
Year 2015 is in the sign of next gigs and works on next album. In winter 2015/2016
Sten joined Narchost as drumer and Hans as rhytm guitarist.
Nowadays Narchost has ready all material for 2017 album "Throne of Chaos" and plans
gigs for support of this album.